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Weider Ab Shaper
Review Summary
While some abdominal toning devices aim to blaze new trails in terms of innovation, others simply seek to improve upon common, established methods for toning, and to flatten belly muscles. The latter is the case with the Weider Ab Shaper, a relatively simple apparatus. This device features a curved metal frame with handles on either side and a padded headrest. As the user lies down in the device and holds onto the handles, he or she can rock forward and backward in a manner that resembles a normal crunch, thereby helping to flatten belly muscles. The frame and headrest may help some people avoid the strain associated with doing equipment free crunch exercises. Of course, with a device such as the Weider Ab Shaper, users must spend time actively exercising with it while paying attention to their form, and they must be motivated enough to do so consistently. The Weider Ab Shaper does not use any batteries and may require some assembly. Though the normal crunch is essentially proven to help flatten belly muscles, we know of no third party clinical trials conducted to prove the effectiveness of the Weider Ab Shaper in particular.

Information About the Manufacturer
Weider is a well known name in the exercise industry. The company, which was founded by legendary bodybuilder Joe Weider, no longer sells the Weider Ab Shaper through its official website. Thus, customers who wish the purchase the device will need to obtain it through various online retailers and auction sites, whose satisfaction guarantee policies will vary. It is unclear whether Weider still covers the Ab Shaper with any kind of warranty.

• Weider Ab Shaper may help reduce strain on the back and neck.
• Weider Ab Shaper seems to be affordably priced at this time.
• Weider Ab Shaper will focus users’ efforts on working to flatten belly regions.

• Weider Ab Shaper cannot offer benefits for other areas of the body.
• Weider Ab Shaper is no longer sold by the manufacturer.
• Weider Ab Shaper may or may not be backed by a warranty.
• Weider Ab Shaper has not been tested in third party clinical studies as of this time.

As we have already pointed out, the Weider Ab Shaper must be obtained through the means of online vendors or auction sites. Thus, the price for the apparatus will vary, but it will usually be around $50 plus shipping and handling. International shipping availability, delivery times, and other such concerns will vary from one vendor to another. Bonus materials included with the Weider Ab Shaper are often a padded floor mat and an instructional video.

The Weider Ab Shaper attempts to assist users with flattening belly muscles and may well do just that. Yet, because it only facilitates a crunch like exercise, the Weider Ab Shaper will only provide benefits for the midsection. While some consumers will be content with this, others may be on the lookout for more versatile devices that also provide a greater level of convenience, as well as time saving approaches.

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