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VibaBelt Massage Belt
Review Summary
The VibaBelt Massage Belt is made by the company Kymaro Products, which now has a number of fitness products on the market. This product in particular appears to be quite similar to the ab toning belts that are now growing in popularity. Ab toning belts are touted to provide flatten belly results by actually working the ab muscles for you. There is quite a number of ab toning belts to choose from, but for the purpose of this review we shall be taking a closer look at the VibaBelt Massage Belt.

The VibaBelt Massage Belt has three built in modes. Users can choose from the beginner setting, the advanced setting and the manual setting. Each of these settings have 5 different speeds and can be set to go either forward or backward. The VibaBelt Massage Belt is not necessarily advertised to provide a flatten belly workout and the company puts more of an emphasis on the relaxation benefits of this device. The VibaBelt Massage Belt is said to provide people with a perfectly balanced massage that will ease tired muscles. The belt can be adjusted to fit the tummy, the back, the neck, the shoulders, the bum, the thighs, the calves and also the hands and feet.

Consumers interested in the VibaBelt Massage Belt can now purchase this complete system for $99.95. Orders come with the belt and with a carrying case at this time.

The Kymaro Products company website does sell this product directly to consumers. This site posts photos of the VibaBelt Massage Belt to demonstrate the different areas of the body that it can massage. The site also notes that many athletes love the VibaBelt Massage Belt because it may loosen up muscles both before and after intense workouts.

Final Facts
Again, the VibaBelt Massage Belt does look and work in a similar way to many ab toning belts now on the market. Like other ab toning belts this product is said to cause the abdominal muscle to contract and relax, which can stand in for a flatten belly workout. The makers of the VibaBelt Massage Belt state that this product is perfect after a long day at work or any type of strenuous activity. As mentioned above, this product is primarily promoted to soothe and relax tired muscles.

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