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Core Sculptor
Review Summary
The Core Sculptor is an ab and core toning device designed for use by the in home exerciser. The product is said to have a positive, transformative effect on the entire core of the body. As this is one of the most difficult areas of the body to train, any product that can help flatten belly flab and produce better muscle tone will obviously be attractive to consumers. So, let’s look at how Core Sculptor might help you flatten belly problem areas and get your core into better shape.

Core Sculptor is something of a modification of the popular ab wheel workout methodology. The device is a rolling platform with an attached resistance band and handle. The user places various parts of the body on the platform and grips the resistance band in various ways in order to perform a variety of toning moves. According to the product presentation, eight different exercises are possible with the Core Sculptor. Some involve anchoring the upper body on the platform and fixing the foot in the resistance band. Others work in reverse fashion. In any case, there’s always a stable part of the body and a moving part. And the core is responsible for keeping you off the floor.

The Core Sculptor has not been clinically studied or examined by the FDA. It might require some assembly, but probably not much. No batteries are necessary. The only power source is the time, effort, space, and energy of the consumer. Proper form will be important to avoid injury as well.

Information About the Manufacturer
Core Sculptor is its own company. A 30 day satisfaction guarantee is available, as is a lifetime warranty. Visit the official website for more details.

• Core Sculptor is a versatile way to flatten belly fat and tone muscles.
• Core Sculptor provides a variety of exercise options.
• Core Sculptor is backed by a lifetime warranty.

• Core Sculptor will not be enough for a comprehensive fitness program.
• Core Sculptor could appear to be expensive to some consumers.
• Core Sculptor comes with a short satisfaction guarantee.

Core Sculptor sells for 2 payments of $29.95 with $19.95 shipping and handling at this time. The Core Sculptor comes with a bonus video that provides a workout program. DVD and VHS formats are both available.

The Core Sculptor will be especially attractive to those consumers who want to outfit a home gym. If you’re interested in ab toning in the home, consider Core Sculptor along with the many other ab toning products available on the market. There is no one, magic product. Rather, there is a constellation of options that will likely work well with your larger fitness routine, your dedication to healthy living, and your patience with the slow progress of fitness.

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