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Bally Twist Board
Review Summary
The Bally Twist Board is an in home fitness device designed to help the consumer enhance the tone and performance of the midsection, thigh, and hip area. According to product descriptions, the Bally Twist Board will help enhance cardiovascular exercise regimens for a more comprehensive approach to in home fitness. So if you want to flatten belly bulges or slim love handles or just tone your entire physique, the Bally Twist Board is supposed to be able to help.

Bally Twist Board looks like a large Frisbee with knobby bumps on top. It’s not for throwing, however. The base of the Bally Twist Board stays stationary on the floor. The top of the Bally Twist Board spins. The user stands on the top and performs a twisting motion even Chubby Checker would endorse. The Bally Twist Board will host resistance bands as well, so an upper body dimension can be added to the twisting workout. This can increase the comprehensiveness of the workout.

The Bally Twist Board has not been studied clinically, and it has not been examined by the FDA. This is normal, however, as the FDA typically does not address products like this.

The Bally Twist Board will likely require no assembly, and it takes no battery or other power source. The user will have to spend time and effort to use it, and the workout will require a certain form and a bit of space to complete.

Information About the Manufacturer
Bally’s fitness centers tend to be very popular all over the United States. Bally products can be found at a variety of retail locations. The Bally Twist Board, for example, is readily available at some online retailers with a 30 day guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

• Bally Twist Board is good for a simple workout in the home.
• Bally Twist Board can help you flatten belly rolls and increase cardio performance.
• Bally Twist Board seems to be affordably priced.

• Bally Twist Board will still need other forms of fitness activity to complement it.
• Bally Twist Board might be too simple an activity, and not very functional as exercises go.
• Bally Twist Board workouts could get old over time.

One larger online retailer currently lists the Bally Twist Board at $8.99 with $5.58 for shipping and handling. Standard shipping rates are available, which usually list for between 4 and 14 days. Consumers can shop around for the best shipping option, however.

The Bally Twist Board is one simple way to enhance fitness. If you want to flatten belly problem areas, or if you’re simply looking for a fun way to spice up your in home exercise routine, consider a twist board. Compare Bally Twist Board to other twist boards and choose the product that will work best for your routine and your budget.

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