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Ab Sculptor
Review Summary
The Ab Sculptor is a steel frame shaped to facilitate supported sit ups and crunches. When you rest in the Ab Sculptor and grip the handles, you can rock back and forth from a reclining to an upright position using the strength of your core muscles, which helps to flatten belly bulges. The result is stated to be stronger, firmer abs. The physical nature of using the Ab Sculptor means you must focus on your form, as well as have enough energy and motivation. This does not seem to be a product that can tone other parts of the body, though it may provide some ancillary toning benefits to other areas.

The frame itself is lightweight for easy moving, but this product is not meant to be truly potable. You also cannot use the Ab Sculptor discreetly in public. However, no batteries are needed for the Ab Sculptor, and there is no indication as to whether or not it needs assembly.

Information About the Manufacturer
No information is available about the Ab Sculptor manufacturer, which ceased making this product some time ago. You can still find the Ab Sculptor on various retail websites though. There is no warranty or satisfaction guarantee information about this product, nor are there any details about FDA clearance or third party clinical trial results available at this time.

• The Ab Sculptor helps facilitate less strenuous sit ups and crunches.
• The Ab Sculptor is designed to tone and firm the abdomen, and flatten belly muscles.
• The Ab Sculptor does not require batteries to use.

• The Ab Sculptor is no longer produced by its manufacturer.
• The Ab Sculptor takes hard work and motivation to use properly.
• The Ab Sculptor cannot work your abdominal muscles for you.
• The Ab Sculptor is not portable, nor can it be used discreetly in public.

The retail price on the Ab Sculptor is currently listed at $29.99, but you should expect this cost to vary between vendors. Shipping and handling costs, as well as shipping policies, such as whether it can be delivered internationally, will change depending on the retailer. At this time there is no information about potential bonus materials included with the Ab Sculptor.

The Ab Sculptor is a steel frame that supports the body while doing abdominal exercises for a better workout, to flatten belly muscles, and to improve the core. Because the Ab Sculptor must be used with exercise, it takes hard work and motivation, as well as a focus on your form, to obtain its benefits. The Ab Sculptor features a headrest and handgrips, as well as lightweight construction. While not currently manufactured, you can still find Ab Sculptor at various online retailers. If you believe there is more to be learned about this or any other fitness equipment, you can easily visit websites that host comparisons, reviews, and demonstrations on products such as this.

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